My best Friend

Written by: Alexandria Stubbs

I dont know how to say this
I dont know how to start...
I just want you to know haw i feel from the heart 
I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends
But its bin to long now
To actually call u a friend
Your more like a sistah
The ones I care about
Everything aboutchu 
Makes me wanna shout 
Its hard to find one person
Who is just like you
Who makes you think about the world
Before its even through
The things I love aboutchu so..
The randomness you behold 
Like saying waffles in a fight
And making my face gold :P
You are the bestest friend Ive ever had,
You help me calm when I am mad,
What cant I say?
You've seen me at my worst,
You've seen me at my best,
You've listened to my troubles,
Even if they were only tests
Over the years I noticed
Our friendship always grows
Its like a never ending river
That always seems to flow
I can never forget that feeling
I got on that first day
First day of class u told me
This is gonna be a great day
I gots to be honest..
When i left B.A and all my friends
I didnt feel ok
Felt like all my troubles and worries
Were going to overcome my day
But then I remembered that night before
I took a chance on a shooting star...
I wished for a friend who was just like u
Hoping that friendship wouldnt be blue
Wala my wish came true ;')
You came into my life
But it felt like this was to good to be true
...not very long ago
I met you as a stranger
But still...
I took you as a friend
But ya no what
Until i go to heaven…
My wish will never end!
And everyday I dont know why
But for some odd reason
I look at the sky
I say thank you Lord for this Livia
That I love so much
You know i needed a sister and for this
I love you so much
Like God paired us up
Cos we were both lacking
Someone in the world to make us 1
Without anyone even talking 

-Alexandria Stubbs