Exhilarating moments

Written by: sirajali rawat

I trail along behind the morning chirpy magpie
to liberate from the materialistic vice,
sturdily race up the alley of rocky green hills
horses galloping on bright yellow daffodils,
i earnestly climb up to the hill prime
i embrace the nature vigorously with a warm smile,
i stop and admire the glorious countryside
while the fresh morning breeze runs down my spine,
cotton candy clouds floating high up in the sky
butterflies and bees tireslessly rises up high,
i watch the sun wakes from the distant misty horizen
capturing every exhilarating moments,
releasing lifes turbulance,grief and torments
while witnessing gods most amazing attainments,
around me tranquillity and calm,everything at peace
listening to birds singing,with such ease,
bluebells and dandelions majestically hovering care-free
the earths countryside musk,purifies me,
i notice the morning star gradually fades
while the rays of the sun exhaling,canopys the earth shades.