TV Rots Your Brains

Written by: Mike Frampton

Once upon a time, 
There was veritable indifference
In the mind of a man 
Who always lies. 

As he flipped
Through movie channels
With his IO remote, 
The world suddenly became downtrodden. 

The discovery
That Howie Mandel 
Had actually became the host 
Of his own reality series 
Sent the man overboard.

He threw his IO remote at the TV
With such a velocity,
The explosion sent sparks
That reached his sofa. 

The piece's arm was in flames. 
For one brief moment 
He thought of calling the fire department, 
But he changed his mind. 

He reached into his pocket
And pulled out a pack of cigarettes,
Down to its last smoke. 

The heat lulled his face 
As he lifted the butt to his lips
And dipped the tip into an open flame. 

He took a stale pull,
Sat back and puffed away. 

The empty pack clenched in his palm
As he slowly made a fist
And threw it at the broken television. 

He started laughing like a maniacal king, 
And continued to do so 
Until the black air had him coughing,
Rendered him unconscious 
And he lived happily ever after.