My Moon

Written by: Nate D.

Like the moon 
In the night sky 
Controlling the tide 
You are the celestial body 
That pulls 
My emotional side
Gives life to my ocean 
Wannna take you for a ride 
Across the universal divide 
Show you all the beauty 
Of you and me 
Interlock eternally 
Just like nuclear fusion 
The energy of unison 
Will create a 
Certain kind of love 
Those mere mortals
Can only dream of 
So this slam is for you p.d.
The only one 
With the inner beauty 
That can move me 
Soothing me 
With the continuity 
Of the flow 
Between me and you 
The bond of affection 
With a positive light 
Just like the moon 
In the sky at night 
I'm way over my head
The feelings you compose

(dedicated to the P.D.)