Two Thousand And Twenty Three Part 3

Written by: Marycile Beer

The perils they continue
As the lightening claimed the sun
"I's gots ta watch tha leader
Un hope her don't decides ta run"

"Gabe youse gits tha boys un tow
Case all hell coulds breaks oot"
Said Samuel as he started for his mount
Rope in hand he crawled aboard his eyes upon the cow

Another danger passed they traveled on
The days were getting shorter as the season changed
The grass was beginning to pale
But the cattle still managed to get their fill

They had just crossed the Platt River
And the ground began to move
Grasshoppers by the millions 
As far as they could see.

The ground was totally naked
Not a spear of grass was found
And this was where they planned to camp 
It was to late to travel on

Cookie banged the pots and pans
Trying to cook bug free
While the cowboys tried to clear the land
Thus their bedrolls to put down"

The cattle stomped
And pawed the ground
They weren't to anxious
Tonight to bed down