Even With Stress...I Still Love You

Written by: Darius Knight

After a restless night I woke up trying to figure out,
Just how in the world did this chemical called drama leak out.
My emotions are like dangerous toxins that most scientist will never comprehend,
I need them contained so lets analyze and start with this strand.

Problem after problem it just seems to get harder,
The road to a solid solution is stress-fully getting longer.
We all have our share of issues and I know you realize it too,
Because through it all I just couldn't help but think of you.

You're different...very different...so much different from the rest,
If I could be with anyone there would be no need for a contest.
You see...each day it feels like our connection is not getting better,
But as I read and re-read I feel the love from the words in your letters.

I wish at this moment I could hold you in my arms and tell you I love you,
I wish at the same time I could see you as you tell me you love me too.
I wish for you to know that as long as you won't...I will never give up,
And no matter what...I will always have the strength to mount up.

I want to...no...Giving you my heart is the action I would like to motion.
The love in my heart for you can never compare to the depth of the deepest ocean.
Take it...hold it...release your love inside,
I am stepping to the side to freely let go of any distracting pride.

I waited years for this and I'm not going to let these situations drive us away,
I put on everything I know and love that I can't be without you in any way.
This has to be true cause I love you and we haven't even had a bliss,
This opportunity is heaven sent cause my pain goes away every time I receive your kiss.

I understand my lifestyle isn't easy to deal with or live with,
Soon I will make this stress light as a feather so we can prevent a drift.
I will tell you like you told me...just please work with me,
I'm doing all I can but having you with me is the key.