Serene Night

Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

Serene Night
The  ingress of celestial shadows above,
Around the surface of material structure.
Swallowing the brightness of day,darkness exchange,
And snaffling away what once deemed spate.
The soprano gradually creeping into solitude,
When the movers of life have journeyed in trance.
You enveloped the colour sheets in purple glimmers,
And sunlight bask diminished like game of solitaire.
Only the baste of soot creeps bated along,
The basket of life sleeps sinking prolong.
Of the capacious loom with loops of inapt tendencies,
And the cape of rest cresting the creole crevice.
When slumber is far taken and numbers regain,
And dews pervade the face of burgeoning light.
The beckon of bed and breakfast treat delight,
Will welcome the led of tracks from dusk till dawn.