Your Pain Is My Gain

Written by: Marycile Beer

My inspiration comes for Thee
Who hangs there on the cross
I only hope I am worthy
For the words I will write

Our lives are Yours if we allow
Your teachings to penetrate our minds
For they hold the truth and light
As set down for our earthly lives

Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we fall
And on our knees to Your Cross we crawl
To ask forgiveness for Your Pain
And pray to not do it again.

We try to atone for the sins we do
And know forgiveness will come from You
Then turn around and sin again
Will this curse never end

The fallen angel Satan
Has many in control
How do we break these ties that bind
And lead them to Your throne

Prayer is our ally
Confession is our friend
But only through Your help and God's
Can we be whole again

Once again I thank You
For being there for me
And leading me to the mountain top
And the Ten Commandments we all need

I review these laws that God did send
And pray when my life does end
He will be there to take my hand
And lead me to the promised land

Cile Beer
August 15, 2010