Upon this Starry Night

Written by: Kris Walters

I close my eyes to feel her rhythmic hum,
an ancient hymn that thrives within us all,
with arching curve and wise maternal sprawl,
to her fertile wood, with joy, I succumb.

As air envelopes body, mind and soul,
the breath of life flows in and fills the wells-
the deep, the dark, and sorrow it dispels
attuning unaligned with self control.

In flames untamed, unbridled passion burns
to stimulate creative drive to be,
a swirling fevered dance of breaking free,
its searing heat refines and there I learn.

The waves that undulate with tidal tow
wash over braised and battered mortal limbs
and float the fanciful and subtle whims
to soothe abrasive pain that life bestows.

Come wind and wave from earth, with flame take flight, 
combine in me upon this starry night.

~Enclosed rhyme scheme quatrains~