Death of Desires by a Sin

Written by: Salwa A.

Evrytime that you were near
My eyes would have that glitter
My heart would beat faster
My smile would get wider

My feelings for you
were so very strong
I jst wanted to kiss you
And hold you for real long

As u gently rolled down the
Tips of ur fingers on my skin
desires grew within me
I knew I was comitting a sin

But with all that passion
I only craved for more
It felt so true to the heart
I assumed that it was pure

The temptations to stay close to you 
Made me so intoxicated 
That I cudnt realize tht this 
Wasn’t gonna stay and that we would be separated

That's when I felt
The fear of this sin
While ur passionate touch
Went on my skin

In a moment my heart,
My body, my soul,
Were filled with nothing but guilt -
Guilt of the sin
Guilt of the temptations

The regret was so deep 
Nothing within me was left
it killed all the desires,
the passion, the tempt

no more was in me 
Just lik a dead rose
As it slowly blackens
Was how my heart had chose

Blackened with the sins
Wilted by the guilt
and that's when I realized
it was a - 
death of desires by a sin.