Turtle Race

Written by: David Pennington

Let us all go to the turtle race. 
It is in such a quiet, serene little place 
No one says go, and no one says stop 
The turtles just run when the sun gets hot. 
The starting line is an old dead log, 
Poking out of the water, in a cozy cove. 
The finish line is the water's edge 
By an old oak tree and a cypress hedge. 
So hop in the boat and we'll take a ride. 
It's just across the lake on the other side 
Where the redbird sings and the eagle glides. 
And all nature looks grand through happy eyes. 
The sun will be bright and feel so warm 
Just watch the clouds as they float by 
We can take the day and be lazy ones 
And soak in sun rays while the turtles run.