* * * * * SPACE * * * * * *

Written by: Gareth James

Space the final frontier,
Floating up high but no one is near.
You and you alone embrace the unknown
Looking for the way, the way to be shown.

How can this be, the glorious sight,
Blues, greens, reds in all their might.
You reach out, you stretch afar
You gaze upon a cosmic star.

Amazed that you are seeing the past,
Millions of years gone in a flash, gone so fast.
God’s workshop for you to see?
Projects in the making, which is a possibility.

You have entered a galaxy unknown,
You glide swiftly and gently to a planet shown.
Your heart beats with a mixed emotion,
As you speed towards a great blue ocean.

Landing gently like the touch of a kiss,
Overwhelmed instantly with a feeling of bliss.
Sandy beach where you stand is tinted with pink,
Such beauty everywhere, you rub your eyes and blink.

A dream like state watching the two Suns set
Casting amazing shadows and a glorious silhouette.
Your soul set free by the power of now,
To feel beauty is the secret, that is how.
Welling up as you have experienced the truth,
Finding today that you have eternal youth.