Four Elements

Written by: sidewalker 1

Oh wind that taunts time's steady hands, turns tepid hearts estranged to rhyme, that wails life's first brazen breath, exhales essence passing. Oh sun that tempers gelid gales, parches lips once cupid kissed, bathes blithe days in honey glows, sows seeds to flowers facing. Oh rains that soothe a searing sky, wither towers to gods ordained, drip as tear-drops hope divest, and feed spring's banquet splashing. Oh earth that breaks the seas tempest, shakes forged citadels to sand, moves in mortals, self entranced, weaves tangled webs enlacing. Oh wind. Oh sun. Oh rain. Oh earth. Sacred elements embracing.
*This is a slight alteration to my poem "elements embracing" to fulfill the requirements of Barbara Gorelick's "The Four Elements" contest. Here, the sun represents fire and rain, water.