Inner Self Renowned

Written by: Susan Mills

Inner self renowned free; owned only by me in the thicket of the woods which is ticket to the 
goods. Lovely dew drop, tear drop worries obliterated by the sun. Rings true that I don't 
know what I've won but myself-- tiny, big, larger than life- Not! Famous to none; infamous to 
one-- maybe! That old tree that never moves but to stalemate then check. Mark it off-- I'm 
done! Approval, Approval, Approval! Stamp me authentically me. Nature calls no one as we 
call it often.  Rings true, I believe. Natural self looks like Apollo and Daphne in the minds eye 
of keen perception. Distorted fragments of soapstone in my artist's mind recalls and carves 
and older self. Rewind now, back to babyhood; not yet out of the woods of my sheltered life. 
Sheltered life, comfortable; Sheltered strife, uncomfortable; Shelters galore, displaced 
woman.  Never to become morbidly serious about reality-- I'm an Aspen now in a darkened 
mood detached adhered to my silverish, thirtyish leaves, leaving one silver-gray split hair on 
the memory of the past which is still not true to self-- now in present life is hopeful and not