Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

While standing in the open door
Seeing she couldn't eat anymore
I watched sadly as there she sat
Hands calmly folded and laid in her lap
I could see she had become so weak
And desperately only wanting to sleep
The beautiful black hair that was so long
Tis just a memory now. It's all gone.
Although she tries hard not to let it show
She's in pain and she knows that I know
There's no longer a reason to pretend
We both know it''s so very near the end
She looks at me with searching eyes
And so quickly it came as no surprise
There by her side I roll her a joint
Political issues here have no point
With a deep breath in to comfort and ease
The dawning of her death with dignity
As she exhales slowly she begins to smile
Grateful eyes stare back at  me all the while
After a time as I see her fade into sleep
And tuck her in gently and begin to weep
As I place the marijuana back on the shelf
I wipe my flowing tears and think to myself
While she now rests so quiet and at peace
Death eludes her today but Mercy at least

Although not entered this poem was inspired by the Medicinal Marijuana contest.  I think its pretty clear where I stand.

Copyright © by Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

Anthology: Sunflowers and Seashells
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Publisher: Eber & Wein Publishing
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