It's My Birthday

Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

It's My Birthday


Within me it's light.Around me it's vineyard.

Glitter of the sun,resplendence of the moon,

and the immensity of the stars,like the shone

of my minds.

The spiritual me,Godliness to accomplish.

My psyche to conform into humanity.My emotions,

heartbeats,the language of the expansive society.

With my physical power I will trail my destination.

With the opportunity of today,I will delve into yesterday

and project into tomorrow.Certainly I will spread my story

around the world.Lillies of the spring,daffodils of the stream,

roses of the field,the prides of Barbados.I will heed the fragrance

of favour.

I live in me,my life-my willpower,the lustre of continuity.In celebrating

to have been born:emeralds,lighted coloured candles on cake,attires,

music to ginger the soul,the group-substance and integrity,munchies,

drinks,goodies,furniture,decorations...with a banjo,I will anchor my banquet.


Adeola Yusuf Amuni