Sentenced To Live,Licenced To Give

Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

Sentenced To Live,Licenced To Give

Chariot of horse,clarion with hoarse,bastion of choice.

I project aboard,my walk in life about.

On the abrasive of craft,by the shaft of the tool of want,

I decipher the yields of the fields.

Aesthetics and complexities;my work will wodge a lodge

to harness.This legacy,these messages variegate my

desires to attune in aspire.

Sentenced to live,then I reason death to poison.


The umbrella to shade the form,the aubriella conform affix.

Bounties of gain liken to effigies of main.

The course of drive my cause,the fuss of cline my force,

The joys of life my plot.

When I look upon the mountain of roam,to decibel my

fountain of goal-As a forethought:I cladded my mind in rock,

Later with my furnace of of prise,it melted into a rise of emission.

To give my flakes in resource,to lift my stakes in return,

To even on the pallet of balance my reward.

Licenced to give,coffers of valour belay the corners of colours

and honours.


Adeola Yusuf Amuni