Radio Voices

Written by: ken colonsay


Thirty-three and a half minutes listening to the static; 
I'm one big ear! hoping to hear a message 
from the other side... 

Beethoven has an unfinished symphony he wants completed, 
Arthur Conan Doyle complains fiction today is all detective work, 
Joan of Arc loves Mel Brooks. 

Thirty-four and a half minutes and my patience snaps; 
I turn to RTE, the writer Derek Mahon 
Is being discussed by a panel. 
They've detected importance in his poem 
'A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford'. 

Mushrooms decaying in the dark, 
Holy Joes adrift in a Godless cellar, 
Sweethearts who've missed the boat, 
Bollards moored in misery, 
Death-pale and ghostly. 

I would store this poem in a cool dark place 
and only bring it out into the light of day 
for a bookish friend, a literature hound; 
it merits close inspection.