Written by: Michael Poyntz

Tofino Moments
We walked for hours on the windswept beaches of Tofino
new beginnings…our dreams and toes mingling with sand centuries old
a magical sensation of fingertips touching fingertips…for the first time
a yearning to hold you closer...sharing a kiss as gentle as a baby’s belief
taking all of the strength that I have to simply let go of that moment
my inner soul wearing your shadow as if we were one
being here….side by side…just you and I … breath to breath
the lusty moon bids adieu as the morning tide fills the bay
I felt my heart pulled to you as if you were thirsty water

Moments caught in a life complex with the debris of other moments
all of which becoming suddenly meaningless…so easily left behind
their only purpose  to bring us here….to now…do you feel our certainty
is this truly destiny entangling lovers by decree or perhaps default
the sound of your smile etching  a sense of completeness 
upon on the walls of my heart…for the first time in a long…long time..
the second I hold within my hands is all that I seek ..all that I want
with each wave I feel my  very life flowing back into my veins
I loved you at hello…did you know that…it’s true…I loved you at hello