food for thought

Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

she sits on a toilet seat
slitting her stomach
making small lines
that sent mental messages
to her head
bleeding out the anger
that dilates her perspective
of this world
In the dark 
she wrote mantras
on her ankles and sat
in a tub of warm water
watching her blood diffuse
cell by cell
denting the back of her head
that she kept banging
against conscience
She craved a little helping
from his hormones
Them and her
twirling at warp speed
rounding the world in a heart beat
he leveled tiffs they had
about their dark closet
boundaries drawn
binding them a strip 
above the belt line
of the goddess
and from underneath there
was lurking truth that
dripped down her thighs
caressing his thoughts
making him wish
life wasn't so much of
a cut throat female dog sometimes
It was her pale,dry
cheeks that haunted him
the chirpy lips she kept licking
in rhythm with each turn life took
in her head
He sat across her
hoping to offer anything
for her thoughts