From my tower

Written by: Juan Paolo Galua

I used to be moon eyed

When I first love

From my tower

I only see below

The chuckling squirrels

Smiling rabbits,

Playing deers,

The flight of birds

And in the sea I saw

Those tiny silver wavelets

Under the sunset


With our first kiss

Comes my first belief

That you and I will last forever

Trite as it may seem

Love is a play

We both enjoy

For we both win


So we run and run

Laugh and laugh

In all our paradise,

Our feeling freezes time

But reality is warm

The shards of ice

That trap us

Eventually fall

It made us free-

a painful liberation


White napkin of innocence

Is now stained with red

Bitterness of heart

Stroke too

Its dark hue


Then I was a jumping doe in glee

Never imagined

That love’s terrain

Have some cliffs too

And now I am a doe

A falling deer


I use to see

Those tiny silver wavelets

Under the sunset

But now I also see

The huge wild waves

Dashed with the storm

Even in the depth of midnight


I never heard

The chuckling squirrels

But the piercing bat's scream

I see no more the smiles of hares

But the grin of alligators

The grace of bird’s flight

Is overwhelmed

By the stalking cobra


Then I always see

The best in you

Now I also see

The beast in you


I will never see love

the way I perceive it before

Now I see

Love is a war

Fought between lovers.