the tale of best friends

Written by: Dana Teske

heart in heart hand in hand together they stood facing the world
broken homes and despair dreams they at least had one another 
year after year they grow from hiding under the sheets from harmful parents 
and playing under the bed with cuddly kittens 
whispering all their fears and hopes in one other ears
writing notes and hearts with boys name 
the outside could not touch them for their love was the proctor
soul mates "is what we are"  swinging together on the playground 
though the emotional teen years and all the heart brakes and 
even petty fights their love kept strong 
deaths and marriages come along 
hand in hand they comfort one other 
holding each other babies laughing saying "forever"
but the hands start to crack and love is fading on one side
the friend tries to hold yet the grip is slipping 
left standing outreaching for the "forever" that will never come