My daughter's victory



A lie
A deceit from hell 
Basket filled with lies
Lies still in his grave 

A misery
Talk the walk
A wise fool 
Very faultless

An Infidel
Sticks to the pants that feeds him
Scratches his feet on the ground
Like a day old chick 
In quest of a corn seed

A beast
Better caged up in the zoo
Barks, a dog
Bites without instincts
Apologetically useless

Oh! my unborn daughter
Bonded in the spirit
It hurts anytime it flashes my mind that
Angels have also had their fair share
Of the tyrant head
I cry

But, I find solace in the fact
That my daughter is I
Well groomed, properly taught and well fed
My daughter, my love, my life
I can't wait for the extermination of man
That glorious morn when my daughter and I
Would smile at his fall at the foot of his grave
Celebrating my daughter's victory.