trapped in bondage

Written by: Jerri Ward

how did i reach this point
i may never know
the feelings are overwhelming
they come in waves that
take my breath away
day and night they pursue me
they haunt me like a bad dream 
i want to shout it from the rooftops
but when i try to speak
nothing comes out
what am i so afraid of
what is the worst thing
thing that could happen 
i could be set free
from this bondage 
that has entangled
me for so long
putting it on paper
gives me such a relief
it takes away the hold that
it has on me and gives
me back my life
to live as i choose
and do with as i please
i've been set free
what once was is no longer
the former is the past
today is a new day
of new beginnings

Submitted for Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen’s Contest