U.. nice

Written by: Osazee Johnson

If I die let it be in your arms
Let the fragrance from your skin be my charm
If I lie shut me up from playing the ham
Before you say goodbye allow me grab your chick with my forearm
If you are my pie then I’ll eat you up with both hands
If I wear you as my tie then I know you wouldn’t bring me any harm

Am crazy in love please let me kiss your lip
Don’t hold me back let me kiss you dip
As my heart is now a malfunction chip
I’m infected with the pip
Since you are my missing rip
But I’ll wait for the actual time as I zip

If I die let it be on the bed
Because when I do I will be regarded as dead
I don’t wanna end up like the others that fled
As loosing you is one of the things I dread 
I have got my being connected to you via infrared 
You can’t count the books I have read
To prove to the world that your love is red