When Octopus Came Round for Tea.

Written by: Sharon Tideswell

When Octopus came round for tea, it was a tricky time for me. Not knowing what he’d like to eat. I wondered... savoury or sweet? I borrowed spoons from Mrs Deggs next door, for each of his eight legs. I ‘d heard, if cross, black ink he’d squirt. I worried... main course or dessert? I know you’re thinking ‘do the two’ but he doesn’t eat like me and you, his tummy’s really very small, he can’t eat very much at all. I fast flicked through my cooking books and gave the clock face frequent looks, but soon the door bell went ‘terrrinnggg’ Oh gosh! Hot pie or cold pudding? ‘Terrrinnggg, terrrinnggg’. Eight times it rang and then he used each leg to bang eight times upon my door. I rushed to open it, and past he pushed. “Please hurry up and let me in” he squealed, and I thought, through the din, ‘He must be hungry for his food, that’s why his manners are so rude’ But still I didn’t have clue (a secret between me and you) what I should feed the octopus. I wished he ate like one of us. I closed my eyes and made a wish, Into my thoughts popped ‘Jelly fish!’ It sounded like the perfect meal, much tastier than jellied eel. Ooh, seafood with a fruity taste and wobbly too. I cooked with haste, and while I wondered what he’d think I gave him sea water to drink. He drank it through a straw, with ice. He smiled and said “That’s rather nice, but now I really need my dinner before my legs get any thinner” The Jelly Fish I boiled and froze and put some parsley up its nose. It was neither jelly nor a fish but I served it on a silver dish and asked before it passed his lips “Do you want it with ice-cream or chips?” He chose to have a bit of each, both garnished with a slice of peach. It all went down with one loud SLUURRRPPP close followed by a great big BUUUURRRRPP