Passion of A Heart in Love

Written by: Tarek Al Sabouni

The idea of having the same stars glitter above us

No matter how distant we are

The same waves cashing around us

The fact that we all breathe the same air

This universe as from its name

You’re in it and I’m there

And everyone else in this finite glare

That we call life

I believe in you as I believe in me

For if I don’t then we don’t exist

As my love to you is for sure

Like the souls that on sunrise cure

The joy of tracing your smile

Through the shiny dots in a dark sky

the satisfaction of knowing that you’re mine

and I’m yours

this warmth in my heart when im reminded of you

it all leads to one fact

and that’s for sure

I’m grateful for having you

my pearl out of the blue

may god keep us together


i love you ?