When that time comes ..

Written by: Tarek Al Sabouni

When that time comes, that I look at you but don’t see you, that I touch you but don’t
feel you, when your always around but never there .. I want the skies to scatter into a
million grains of lifeless dry sand .. and the mountains to melt into a billion droplets
of suffocating moisture .. so I can either be lost in an endless desert or drown in an
endless ocean .. when I gaze to your eyes with my heart screaming ‘HEAR ME’ and my soul
shrieking in agonizing misery ‘PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS DARKNESS’ .. to find my rivers
blocked by your mighty dams with no way to pass through .. I want this world to face my
rage so I burn it down with one fake smile from one fake heart, for I am nothing at that
point but the strongest I can ever be .. so bring your deserts and spill your oceans, for
I'm the one who taught the wolves to kill and the whales to sing .. when that time comes,
I thank you .. but you, you’ll be gone.
farewell ..