Just Another Sad Love Poem

Written by: Jarid Miller

My heart is torn to pieces. Really, it's on
life support. So bad that it's aching and this
pain is getting worse.

How could you be so cold? You were once by my
side. How could you give up on us? Can you see
the tears I cry?

I guess now it doesn't matter. I guess it was
all a lie. I guess your word was not a bond. 
Your word wasn't good as mine.

Maybe I can hold my head up. Maybe I shouldn't 
take it that hard. Maybe this is a blessing in 
disguise...I found out the person you truly are.

I was ready to give you the world, then here he
comes along. You fell for the words he told you.
You were mine, but now you're gone.

I could pretend with wishful thinking hoping you'll
come to your sense. But if you did how will I know 
you'll only break my heart again?

I'll be alright, but as for now I don't want to face
the world. I can't put it in my mind that you are no
longer my girl.

One last hug
One last kiss
One last look upon your face.

Goodbye love
Goodbye hon
He has now taken my place.