The lawyer in the chatroom

Written by: Lisa Cole

A lawyer pops up unannounced
her mundane day he wants to trounce
he tries to lead her on to play
he wants to see if she will stray
she cannot see the sense in that
away from her natural habitat
he tries to lead her on to play
perhaps she will another day

For she is a restless soul
the day to day she finds so droll
of foreign airs and lands she dreams
discovery of the forbidden things
for she is a restless soul
and this can sometimes take it's toll

A suited man with manicured hands
and silken sheets, expensive treats
flashy cars and trendy bars
airplane travel, he wants to unravel
her sweetest place and kiss her face
make her scream an erotic dream

Her thighs are primed to draw him in
but her heart he cannot win
for she steals the souls of men
who work all day in wig and pen