my petition

Written by: Al'monique Vaughan

i don't want to hear another love song, feel another connection of infinite 
I don't want to go through question and answering 
deciphering if it should be he tired of going through 
the mundane oracles of tedious non-lasting interactions
with dream filled propitious creatures of non-substance pretending to be men.
I don’t want to hear the woes and aww’s of your lifetime, only to feel compelled 
to hold you, rub your 
Whispering it’s ok because im here. 
I don’t want to waste my energy of useless phone calls of empty conversations 
subsiding pretentious contacts of repetitive gestures.
I don’t want to understand how you need time because it feels real you are 
just unsure of the man you should be
Because if you were the man you could be than I wouldn’t be writing this poem
I don’t want to listen to your rage of deception and butter licked lies.
I don’t want to show why im fit to be your queen ,
when it should already be obvious. I don’t want to teach you to want me, 
oblivious gestures of spontaneous delights to adore me,
show you the opportunities to openly love me, only to give in to me, 
b/c I taught you how to be with me. 
I don’t want to have expectations of beauty and romance only to be 
disappointed by consistent form of lack.
I don’t want to hear another justified lie why this just isn’t the right time, 
but if im patient we’ll season to be something great in due time. 
What I want is to be. 
Beautifully potently fabulously illuminated desired by love, 
by a man who knows what he wants and embraces it openly. 
his smile is a reflection of me, 
the escape from reality my sanction of perfect bliss in the midst of chaos, 
the vacation i take without even moving, the melody to every note ringing in 
my ear, the music we become,
just to hear him say hello on a day the sun is physically shining, but radiating 
b/t the two.
i don't want to have another blissful moment, without the continuing of you..