Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

As I watched you leave from what use to be our happy home…a tear flows down my face as 

I taste its bitter salty flavor which fills my mouth. My mind races back and forth, trying to 

sum up what I did wrong? As I sit here listening to what I thought would be our forever song. 

My old 45 record as it wobbles but it still plays on. Remember that old record player that you 

once told me to take out to the garage? I just couldn’t throw it out, call me antiquated if you 

like, but it holds so many memories of love filled nights. As I sit here in this dank and dark 

room sipping on a glass of wine and think to myself what have I done wrong to you? All I 

can think of is I’m sorry, but my foolish male pride won’t let me pick up that phone.