Little Things

Written by: Edmund Siejka

From a store window
We watched a woman hit by a car
Wearing a bright summer dress
She moved in short staccato steps 
In a desperate dance to stay alive
Hands reaching out
To no one.

Saw the driver’s face
Anger and impatience 
None of us believed that a life could be over
This suddenly.

Sirens wailed in the background
Announcing what was to come
Gaze anchored in the distance
She held my hand 
We begged her to hold on.

After it was over we stood up 
Forming an impromptu circle
In the street
A father and his eight year old daughter
A middle aged woman
And myself
Strangers until this time
All speaking at once 
Awkward handshakes
A timid pat on the back. 

Still holding her father’s hand
The eight year old looked beyond our circle
Not listening 
Not hearing
The sadness in her eyes
Told us what we didn’t want to know
Sweet innocence
Of a little girl 
Was lost forever.