I Like...

Written by: Izzy Gumbo

I like turbulent things
storms that howl
in thundering winds
and cracks of light
that I can see in
I like mystery
and intrigue too
I like it eyes open
and looking at you
I like minds spoken
and sharing views
but when it’s firm
it’s just us two.
I like to push
and be pushed back
I like to seesaw
on a one way track
running on empty
gaining no slack
... it drives me
exhausts me 
and makes me 
give up
but I like to cry
and see just what 
I’m really made of
I like it in comfort
with pressure to grow
I like it in heels
after wine and a show
I like a rough see
and I like to grow
...it calms me
knowing what
to expect
and I like showing
that I’m Nature’s pet
and I like my feet
in the sand when I’m wet
and I like my hands
on a man you can bet
...it turns me on
a turbulent see
and when I’m calm
it’s the other me
and when I’m wrong
you’ll never hear
a longer stance
then just before 
“you’re right dear”
...but I’ll mean it.
I know what I’m like.

”...c’mon Professor,
I’m bord; ...”