Nature's Child

Written by: Bridget Aubrey

Listening to the trees,
 Touching the wind,
 Dancing with falling leaves,
 Finding her strength from nature.

 Being nourished and refreshed.
 Sunlight filling her senses,
 Moonbeams touching her dreams.
 Sitting among trees with animals.

 Watching a young fawn,
 A squirrel eating from her palm
 Giving her pleasure.
 Feeling close to the universe
 As you can only do out in nature.

 Sensing the strength and love
 That we are capable of offering,
 Receiving and letting grow.
 Feeding on the beauty,
 Peace and timeless goodness
 That are all around us.

 Finding delight in new blooms,
 In fresh green grass and old climbing
 Vines heavy with wild grapes.
 Watching the ants in their orderly society,
 The busy honeybee fulfilling it's preordained destiny.

 Nature is touching her soul with it's Beauty
 Giving her back her belief 
 In the goodness of mankind.

 Glistening, wet diamonds are falling on her
 Touching her brow
 Wetting her unruly hair
 Cooling her mind.

 The earth smells of autumn,
 Raindrops drumming on fallen leaves 
 Beetles scurrying to safety.
 She smiles.