Step by Step

Written by: Clayton Poole

>Step by step I walk away,
>Step by step I drift away,
>Step by step I fade away,
>Step by step I stay away.
>Tear by tear I cry and sleep,
>Tear by tear I'm losing sleep,
>Tear by tear in dreamless sleep,
>Tear by tear in eternal sleep.
>Hit by hit I feel the pain,
>Hit by hit I recieve the pain,
>Hit by hit I take the pain,
>Hit by hit I numb the pain.
>Hour by hour I fall down,
>Hour by hour I feel down,
>Hour by hour I know only down,
>Hour by hour I am down.
>Day by day I drift away,
>Day by day I lose sleep,
>Day by day increasing pain,
>Day by day always down.