Written by: rinki nandy

Tell me please why do i have to live you if there ain't a reason to carry on, 
show me please the way to live you with content only because i am surviving, 
why is it that sorrow is more than joy? , why there are so many reasons to cry? 

Teach me please a lesson of magic which can erase the despair, 
do some repair to the lost and confused souls living you, 
don't say...
“i am not forcing you, can live me as long as you want to”
coz this time there is no forgiving you.

Explain me please your idea of living, may i ask “why are you not so giving? ”
unanswered questions i gather, ignorance is all you delivered, 
better keep quiet rather,  silence is all you muttered.

Answer me please or am i talking to me? Have you a feeling for us? May be you like to see 
the dismayed us....
may be there isn't a place anywhere for us....this certainly isn't the end of us...
as you guarantee to abandon us.

Give me please a reason as the more i know you the more stupid you make me, 
funny is the way you fool me, 
don't know why people say “you are beautiful”, 
when for you isn't really wonderful.