Written by: Janette Fisher

From North to South, East to West
From Lands End to John O’Groats,
You can always find a festival
That will surely float your boat

There are festivals of music
For blues, folk, jazz and rock
And festivals for foodies
Where you can learn to cook in a wok

If you’re not into music or cooking,
And your interests are literary
You can participate at a book festival
With story telling and poetry

You can visit a festival for the arts
Or an Eisteddford, where people sing
Or hear jokes, at a comedy festival
If singing is not your thing

Or be a viewer, at a film festival
Watching copious ‘films noir’
Or take a walk round a festival of gardens
Through a plethora of fragrant flowers

History, culture, religion, the sea
Are all covered by festivals too
Genres for everyone, regardless of age
Whatever you like to do

Festivals for this, festivals for that
For each month throughout the year,
But the festivals I like to frequent the most
Are the ones that involve drinking beer!