"My World, My Nightmare"

Written by: Derek Ortiz

I protect it, i die for it, last in line and first to cry on it, this nightmare, horror swallows this eternity, last in 
cage and first to suffer, for the rest of the world to party and drink, gone too far, too heavy the man i hang, 
master of horror, lord of darkness, he cage me into nghtmare, droped in the sea of agony, restless, waking up 
in fear, screaming, palms sweating, no name for what i created, mind dead for years, eternity of sleepless 
nights, grownth for burial, numbered days, none we ask the babylon to fear, mourn the beast out the sky, oh 
such a nightmare, red eyes in dark room, dead snakes in bright palace, the house desinerate forever to ashes, 
burial of nightmare, scared besides my empty grave, the door is closed, am i alive or dead, my world grow 
endless, roads fade to hide, themselfs made a recognition, no one will find them, i cant sleep but my eyes are 
closed, cant hide but im inside, heat outside, my flesh burned with no pain, alive now to die morrow, my 
world, my nightmare, both mixed to rise hell on my head, clock ticks, nightmare tocks, im awake, sweating 
and wanting to hide, i guess one more night of endless nightmare.