The First Bite

Written by: linda milgate

Young girls and dangerous men
Lost of self into that mysterious realm
Like death
The experience of a love that drains
Its excitement
First bite, the feel of teeth
Against the nerve in the neck
Wondrous oblivion
He was a vampire I'm sure my first 
A much older man 
Who led me to his lair
Darkness--candle’s light 
Smokey sandalwood incense
How I was drawn to him
Black eyes and silver hair
We saw each other only
In the night
He cooked couscous and cassolet for me
And never ate
His eyes glistened as he watched 
Then he'd bite and bruise my neck
One morning I awoke 
And he had disappeared
Just left me there in tears
Left me there innocence gone
Shhhhh...My heart still pounds 
When I think of him
Though it's been years

Vampire entry