All signs point both ways

Written by: Jessica Bowie

      Sometimes the time we spend apart makes our love grow stronger
         and make us realize how much we love and appreicate eachother
            And sometimes it shows us how much we shouldnt be together
                      but what do you do when it shows you both
            and its all just a contridicting concoction of mess and emotion
                boiled down into one two infinity thoughts to review
            I hate you! I love you! I need you. go away!... come back. 
                        dont call me! why didnt you call?
               why dont you love me? why do you love me?
   Why do you make me hate you so? Why do you make me love you?
                   Why does it kill me when your not around?
                    why cant i stand it when you come around?
               So what to do when the signs point both ways equally