The Veil

Written by: Johnnie Eaves

The “Veil”

The birth of a child born with a veil
Told that he would see thing unbeknownst to everyone else
Traveled outside of the only place I’ve ever known
Wow….a world out here,  a world to call my own
Never knew these things would exist
Toils and trouble and an iron fist
Strapped on boots tugged on my chain
What do you know they just call my name
I guess I am somebody, let me through
I want to move to the front now with you

Thought I was rich, with only one hole in my shoe
My brother’s shirt, my father’s rule
Only seven of us kids with two out the door
Now only five of us left, what next…what more
Friday night is coming, and I’m afraid to sleep
Father is drinking, mother in the streets
Screams and shout would pierce my ear
Chains from her beating and the ice pick near

Is this the caul that I’m so blessed to possess?
Is it the rule, does it lead to success
I get through the night and move through the years
I often reflect and often shed tears
Do I share these thoughts or just let it be	
Time waits for no one, neither does the cadre

Now on the front lines fighting this war of hell
Should have seen it coming, for I had the veil
There isn’t anything special about my life so far
Maybe this pen, paper and this memoir
I was expecting something different in this fast paced life
Not to be in this sand, not to see this suffering and stife

I’m really confused now, watch me exhale
No longer the little boy born with the veil.

Johnnie Eaves