What Did I Get Myself Into

Written by: Marycile Beer

I was invited to join facebook again
I don't know why they can't understand
I just learned to email today
Now they want me to come on line and play

My friends and family
Keep begging me to come
But there ain't nobody here
To show me how it's done

I just got a new telephone
That ain't enough
How much more do they think
In this old brain I can stuff

I got on and I think I got signed up
Looked at all the games and even tried one
My score wasn't worth talking about
Tried to send two messages that wouldn't go out

Then I got flustered and I tried to leave
The more I tried the worse it got
Finally I got mad enough I poked the Big Red X 
WOW what a shot, that little thing was really hot

Then I tried to return
By emailing my friends a note
You guessed it right 
The answer was NOPE

I took the day off
Went to poetrysoup
I returned today
And got right in the loop

Now Will somebody please
Tell me how to post this mess
Maybe then 
I'll be one you I guess