The song you never sing

Written by: Jessica Bowie

Im a living disgrace
a Personification of self hate
a walking representation of "what a waste"
my personal pain and anquish rises up and radiates
it cuts me down and chops me in to peices
Till theres nothing left of me at all
Im losing this battle
between my mind ,me and the rest of reality
and all the while everyone has helped me fall
they have helped to fall further into the point of no return
and im discinegrating
and its pathedic
cause no one will care
when there truely is 
nothing left of me
just wait and see
ill die without a name 
a star that never shined
it burned out before it reached anyones eyes
Ill be the song you never sing*
the rythm you never will hear
I will always be a burnt out star with no name 
because I never even