Finding self

Written by: rinki nandy

caged in office with stupid mad people around,
enraged emotions out of the search are found,
lives wasted and rooted in the chain of money,
no one bothers as long as someone calls honey,
only interest is giggle and baloney,
injected with a virus and extremely contagious,
dejected with life and vehemently atrocious,
rejected from fulfillment and painfully obnoxious,
nauseated by loneliness, gregarious for fame,
disappointment from self is only obvious,
seeking for an escape, becoming difficult to breathe now,
another place, another house, another honey, more money now,
got to make haste, before I drown,
before I perish in hatred's town,
try to focus on my troubled empty mind, see if it finds?,
an outcome from the grinds, no more dim lights,
put a smile while my mind fights, 
to break the monotony and pique's rind,
I feel different and fine, spent decades being blind,
a diverse person hiding inside, see the world with wider eyes,
finding a reason would suffice, to the mysteries of my virtue and vice,
I can't complain I don't despise, loosing self at a price,
I have me now without a compromise, finding self after victimized.

for A Rambling poet 
fragmented dream contest
dream of self