The Tao Broadened Horizons Contest

Written by: linda milgate

“Cannot be named
Cannot be found,”
For in this effort--this person
Into non-Tao becomes wound.
The Tao was before time’s beginning.
The Tao is not found in complex systems,
But is revealed by listening to the heart,
To the oneness of all living things,
The honoring of all beings.
There is the start!
For the Tao has been
Endowed by nature to all. 
Therefore, no need for grasping.
The Tao is to be found
In the silence between breaths,
By seals in the waves
Jumping in play,
By a caring hand on a 
Fevered brow, there is the Way.
Father Merton wonders
Did St Francis join with the Tao,
And the Buddha  sitting under the Bodhi tree
Who showed
A way to end suffering
Brought on by attachment to anger, 
Delusion and greed.
Thus the way of Tao, simplicity,
Release attachment to  things.
The Tao has been called “Mother
Of all  Truth and Life.”
This humble person must stop 
For all this explaining is non-Tao
So she will stop 
She will stop right NOW!

Referenced in many ways: “The Way of Chuang Tzu” by Thomas Merton.