Good Enough for You

Written by: Ashley Smith

Girl you know I;ve always, always given you my time, never been distant, always wanted to
make you mine

Breakfast every morning, dinners every night. But when the day is done, something don’t
feel right

Baby I've given you everything, every piece I could’ve, but you leave me regretting, not
doing things I should’ve

Money, cars, clothes, you don’t find happiness In those? Seems like no matter what I do
its never good enough for you

Steady taken you places, shoppin, the whole nine yards, babe I always hold you in the
highest of regards

Provided everything to you, did everything for you, never took you for granted, all I
wanted was more you

Fancy things, diamond rings, I bout you all kinda things, you never seem the least bit
satisfied, regardless of how much I provide.

My heart my love my soul, you don’t find happiness in those? Feels like no matter what I
do its never good enough for you. 

Gave you my love and happiness, never asked for more, never asked for less. Always told
you you were the best, treated you like there was no contest. 

Lately you got me questioning, is it you is it me or is it everything? Think its time that
I head to a new venue, if all I’m doings not good enough for you