Slick Sammy (An Adult's Tale)

Written by: sidewalker 1

Slick Sammy,
a slimy dude,
sticky, stinky,
awfully crude,

Gushed forth
the other day
deep below
a napping bay.

First he blew
his rig, atop.
Then spewed and fumed;
he wouldn't stop.

He spread afar
his gooey muck,
on clams 'n shrimp,
geese 'n duck

Little fishies
washed ashore.
Blackened beaches:
A tar-ball war.

Local folks
built barricades.
Still Sammy oozed
their lives away.

But why, you ask,
did Sammy rise
to foul the seas,
the land, the skies?

To fill our lungs,
curse our veins,
clog our pores,
numb our brains?

Once, Sammy slept
for centuries
under ground
so peacefully.

Well, days of yore
the candle light
was the glow
that lit the night.

Then oil arose
as kerosene.
Soon it sparked
an urban dream

Next, combustion
engines purred.
around the world
people heard.

Soon, steel horses
filled the paths:
Two, four, eight,
you do the math

On and on
inventions new:
Sammy plastic,
Sammy glue.

But Sammy,
that elusive lad,
hid from sight,
not easily had.

So oil men
would prod and poke.
Drilling wells,
they'd go for broke.

First at home,
then abroad,
they chased black gold,
fought 'n clawed

They toppled
Kings and Czars,
filled their pockets
fueled our cars.

Farther, deeper
every day,
Exxon, BP
boys at play.

But Ixtoc, Valdez...
the list is long,
of human folly.
Yes! Things go wrong.

The latest gaffe,
a Deepwater gig
The Horizon, lost,
is epic big.

Who's to blame?
The spinners spout
more gas, as
oil still spills out.

Slick Sammy
waxes most profound:
leave deep-sea oil
in the ground!

Oh, this sad tale
one of need,
one of folly,
one of greed,

Should teach us
what young children learn.
Play with Sammy...
ouch! the burn.

*Entered in Gulf Oil Spill Poetry Contest