My Father

Written by: Karla Null

Today, on Fathers Day, I honor my Father.
All of my life, he has been right by my side.
At times, I pretended that he didn't exist.
I continued on with my life, harboring pride.

When I was a child, sometimes I would cry.
Others thought that it was fun to mock.
As a fatherless child, I was singled out.
No one understood that He was my rock.

Sometimes the world was cold and cruel.
I spent a lot of time trying to run away.
Those were the times, I was closest to Him
because, I would fall on my knees and pray.

I couldn't understand why I was searching.
What I was seeking, I could never find
The whole world was my playground,
until I learned I had to leave it behind.

What I needed had always been there,
my Heavenly Father, I bask in his glow
He showers me with blessings everyday.
He loves me and keeps me, now I know.