Written by: Anthony Nutter


A combination of sweat and urine
An unbearable stench in this cell
Odors causing my stomach to churn
Unable to eat, my final meal in hell

Nourishment was the least of my worries
Inquisitor’s whip, had cut me to the bone
Condemning me, as Gods worse adversary
Sitting in the dark, shivering and alone

Accused of consorting with the Devil
Being born in Salem, my only violation
Sadistic pleasure by the priest who's evil
 Hypocrite, thanking God for his direction

Echoes of the guards approaching
Torches flickering, lighting their way
Metal keys rattle, my door is opening
Taking me by the arms, I begin to pray

The sun so bright, blinded by its light 
As the guards tie me to the wooden spire
The Lords Prayer I continuously recite 
Prayers to screams, as I perish in the fire